Get Away – Reconnect – Reignite

Take the all-new “Would I benefit from a Red Spark Retreat” Quiz!

  • Do you feel like your life is in balance?
  • Are you able to take all the jobs you do every day in stride?
  • Do you ever get time alone?
  • Do you ever come first?
  • Are you connected to your passion and inspiration?
  • Do you frequently get the chance to hang with women who “get it”?
  • Are you completely satisfied with the way you’re living?
If you answered no to three of more of these question:  Yes!  You would definitely benefit from a Red Spark Retreat.
If you answered no to five or more of these questions:  Yes!  It’s about time you took some time for yourself.
If you answered no to all these questions:  Click on the registration page and sign up for a Red Spark Retreat immediately.  You desperately need it and won’t be sorry!


Our leaders, Life Coach Kristin Wiederholt, Exercise Instructor Jeanne Darrah, and Writing Teacher Suze Allen have over 20 years of experience and a deep commitment to helping women reclaim their true essence and live life with spark.

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